Multi-cloud is the future

Businesses looking to achieve cost efficiencies and optimal performance often use multiple cloud platforms. Most companies have a multi-cloud strategy in place today, with 81% of them using two or more public cloud providers (Gartner, 2019).

But what exactly does “multi-cloud” mean? For most organizations, it’s about choosing one cloud platform over another and running their application on Cloud A or Cloud B at a given time.

With CAST.AI, you can run applications in parallel across multiple clouds, using your company’s accounts at AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more.

Maximum observability

We designed the networking configuration to allow maximum observability while maintaining network performance.

Automated security

We have invested heavily to ensure that CAST AI is the most secure Kubernetes service available. We automatically patch all VMs, including master and worker nodes. All cloud-to-cloud communication is encrypted using the latest IPSec protocol.

Cost optimization

Our Cost Optimization platform automatically chooses the best compute instance types and makes sure that you never go over budget.

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